Trend Micro Internet Security 2015

Trend Micro Internet Security Free Download

(32-bit + 64-bit)

Trend Micro™ Internet Security software provides advanced protection and privacy for your digital life. It’s designed to safeguard you on social networks like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Based on 25+ years of security software industry leadership and expertise, all Trend Micro Security products deliver:
The fastest web protection against new Internet threats
Top-rated defense, blocking sites trying to trick you into downloading malware
Protection against 250+ million threats per day
Blocks Dangerous Websites
Guards against Identity Theft
Protects Kids Online
Blocks Dangerous Websites
Protects against viruses by identifying and blocking dangerous links on websites and in social networks, emails, and instant messages
Guards against Identity Theft
Detects spam emails containing phishing scams that can trick you into revealing personal information
Manages Your Online Privacy
Protects Your Privacy on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn
Identifies privacy settings on social sites that may expose your personal information and lead to identity theft
Safeguards Children Online
Protects Kids Online
Lets you control desktop application access and restrict online access for kids, protecting them from inappropriate websites.

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Direct Download Link :
Trend Micro Internet Security (TMIS) 2015 - 201.62 MB | Direct Download 
DropBox Download Link (Mirror):
Trend Micro Internet Security (TMIs) 2015 - 201.62 MB | Dropbox Download

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